Lite Motive - Temple

Lite Motive - Album Love - Temple 5:29

Thrilled by the dark
You leave the light of day
But once you’re in
You can’t steal away

Just a fool in a holy place
Pass away in the temple of disgrace

Dreams come true
If you pass forbidden gate
But you cannot leave
You shall seal your fate

Dark secrets of the inner space
Don’t reveal in the temple of disgrace

The far edge of time
Seems to be so near
Not so long to go,
Time to face your fears

You will dwell in dark embrace
Love goes blind in the temple of disgrace

Jaws of dark biting off your face
Loose your mind in the temple of disgrace…


D2 (Čiovo)
06.09.2024. Početak u 18:00

Vila Dalmacija S5 (Split)
15.09.2024. Početak u 19:00

S3 (Trogir)
11.10.2024. Početak u 18:00

Bonj S2 (Hvar)
07.08.2025. Početak u 17:00