On this web page you can get to know better the kind of music that Lite Motive do and listen to a part of it. It has been divided into four sections. The first one refers to their original album in Croatian named „San“ („The dream“). The second section refers to the album of original songs in English named „Love“ and recorded almost a decade ago in England. The third section called „Singles“ contains their original songs both in Croatian and in English which do not make part of any album (yet!). The fourth section named „Covers“, evidently refers to the covers that Lite Motive did and recorded over the years.

Album San

The original album in Croatian, named after its first official single „I dalje sanjam“ („I'm still dreaming“) consists of ten songs and one instrumental version of one of the songs. The song „Okvir“ („The frame“) at the beginning of the album and its instrumental version at the end frame perfectly the collage of songs written by various authors and recorded over the course of years into one „dream“ that came true.

Album Love

The original album in English was recorded by the end of 2003. in London in the studio „Seven Sisters“ by Dušan Mitić who also composed the majority of songs. Various artists collaborated on the album: Emily Jane, Milena Lainović, Lisa, Gino and Lloyd. The song „I want you near“ was published on the „Hit sheet“ compilation.


We present to you Lite Motive’s original songs in Croatian and in English that do not make part of any official album yet.


Here are some of the cover versions of the songs that Lite Motive recorded over the last few years.